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78613 rating

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1 rating

Courtney Smith this girl has been selling drugs out of this Sport Clips. She's even tried to set me up as I've gone there to pick up my girlfriend and doesn't even left the store but set the alarm so when I go to check on my girlfriend to pick her up in my girlfriend's car my girlfriend is nowhere to be found and when I pull the door the doors are still unlocked and the alarms go off. The police does get involved because the girl for some reason has my girlfriend's phone and refuses to let me talk to my girlfriend or let my girlfriend know that I'm even calling even tells me in front of the officer that she turned in the volume off so to my girlfriend doesn't even know that I'm calling. Me and the police officers have sat there and we did all we could to stop the situation from turning into a greater situation and for some reason Sports Clips has not got back to me. October 27th this hair stylist there is it my house she's done really strange things and I believed her goal was to kill me. I have shown up to Sports Clips to pick my girlfriend up and on what are the occasions the girl has run out not knowing that I'm in the passenger seat laying by telling my girlfriend that I'm finally dead excited and thrilled that in her mind she thinks I've died. I'm in the passenger seat because I cannot drive as I'm on the way with my girlfriend to Sports Clips to drop her off this particular day we were having a conversation and I felt like I had been being drugged and I understanding hell is happening to me but I cannot drive. On October 27th I realized how it was happening and as this was happening I could some things going on around my house even catch that girl Courtney Smith around the house to trying to tell my girlfriend what to do and money out the door to strangers that are to come to my door and it just didn't seem right and so I catch a guy at my house who supposedly was there to shoot me and this guy supposed to be that a girl named Courtney Smith hair stylist there is the one who was setting it up the sky Felix Rodriguez now is in the Austin Travis County jail for first-degree murder at a hotel called Austin Motor Inn where I had also follow Courtney Smith too. Courtney Smith has stolen by girls debit card and had also gone there and pay for the hotel room. At this hotel this is where another guy who did look like me was murdered I'll just happened one hour after me catching this guy Felix Rodriguez at my house outside and following Courtney Smith to the very hotel for the killing happened at. If anybody Feliz investigators would like to know more as soon as there is a homicide investigation just needs to be put out there in a Publix know this person is dangerous. At the same time my girlfriend is still at missing three different times from Sports Clips she's even told me that she feels like my life is in danger and she has to do things to protect my life. I found out what those things were. There's two recordings coming back from my girlfriend's phone with a guy named person who I did catch at my girlfriend's job who was one of the homeless that I used to help but I had no idea that they were extorting my girlfriend and also beating her. Her name is Elizabeth Marie Martinez she also works in that location she had ran from that location she is ready to Houston she has told me let's leave we'll move I had no idea that these things were going on and I told her that she just needs to stay with Sport Clips and we would find out about moving her to Round Rock and things would be okay. I had no idea what was really happening out of the sports clips to my girlfriend. She cannot deny it and it's does it's only about a fear of what this girl Courtney Smith is capable of doing. I have reached out to a manager named Megan there and it didn't help at all I've been trying to reach a manager Dan Rose to explain to her what's going on and also to share recordings. There's two recordings coming in out of my girlfriend's phone and you can hear the girls named Courtney and the guy that's around them then Preston and there's someone doing something for my girl and these people are also telling Courtney and Preston that they know that what they're doing to Elizabeth is wrong. Please if you're going to this location beware and if anybody legal defenders attorneys anybody police anybody what's the reach me I can be found my name is Peter Carrera and I'm not hiding this I would not be saying this without any evidence or truth coming behind it back in my story. And I will not stop until Justice is served over what has happened to me as well on October 27th the night that it was supposed to be called an accidental overdose and it wasn't me that was overdosing myself it was somebody else that was doing something to me in my sleep and I will further go over that with police. Elizabeth Maria Martinez stormy came home she tells me she loves me she's just me she says that she will be home for sure she just wanted to go cut things out for this girl get her stuff back and that was going to be that but I found out that this girl also had access to buy home cameras so as we walked to the car but girlfriends he was very scared about beating the house that saying that we had to go to the car and it is because this girl is go to Frederick Keys and has control over my girl as well and apparently I think something would have happened to me if she's going to go back outside and make her fear these things I do not fear do I have a serious background of some very important friends that are military and police and goes after human traffickers Elizabeth Marie Martinez has been awesome and the dead about it they are all willing to back me. We had a pretty good relationship with sports clips until the date that the hardest girl Courtney Smith. Which on the day that they were letting her fill out an application she was out front of the store of telling me what her real intentions were and I did walk into sports clips until the managers be very careful hiring this girl this girl is it here to make money this girl is here after somebody. Then she told me something about something had happened with her boyfriend getting in trouble and that she was after the girl that got her boyfriend in trouble and that when I met her she was under the impression that I was the guy who also abused by girlfriend which also is it true. I love the Elizabeth Marie Martinez very much no doubt about it this is the woman that I had wished to spend the rest of my life with. I wish that she had told me these things as also told her the last day that she was here that she has to be more open with me that she doesn't have to fear anybody or anything and that I felt like I couldn't trust her as well to tell her about the people that she's been around and the only way I knew to help us with. To tell her about certain people because she would feel that she must go back to tell people confront people figured she's important enough that someone would just go clean and open up to be honest with her about what they're doing and what's her attentions around her was. These people were going to do just that at all because Dad took her to hotel rooms they had been making her carry things that I know she would never condone to I know for this for a fact. And hearing about someone beating her I never knew that when they were telling me this and then another witness telling me that they saw another guy beat my girlfriend that they had a gun in there that is the time did you tell me it was my girlfriend that I even said to the guy who did it I thought you were a good guy but if if I was there I probably would have beat you up for that and I could no longer talk to that person ever again and I cut them off that's when I noticed you to the scuffle of that my girl's job my girl for some reason and maybe also come up to her job and be that her job is very important that she wanted to show up she even wanted me to to do lunch with her and I think this is what it was so that I can be there and catch these people. What I did see them I told them they'd better not be there and have no motive to stuck in my girlfriend I even told him to not even put my girlfriend's name on your application I do not want anything to do with you guys and I don't want her name being involved with you guys as well. However Sports Clips did hire these people and it has been nothing but insane craziness ever since then. It is recording it talks about drugs and all kinds of other things with his girl Courtney. And even has Courtney speaking with my girlfriend crying and my girlfriend is crying about she was forced to leave me and that's the look on my face when she said that she was leaving me. She did not want to leave me we loved each other very very much. But the show Courtney is having something over my girlfriend's head and I do not want anything hanging over her head no more. Before I feel any kind of difference with Sport Clips Sports Clips will need to address it with me I will not stop I will continue to contact the news media press newspapers organizations and anybody else that spoons of that me and hear the story take all the evidence take me to recording and even more before I stop this is not some crazy thing between me and my girlfriend breaking up this is it something that I'm looking to control my girlfriend over. This is something very real something very scary and I wouldn't feel this way or do this if I hadn't heard the recordings that are coming from my girlfriend's phone about what they're doing with her and about Courtney speaking even over with she's crying and trying to fill in the conversation is before that something must be done with me that I beat my girlfriend that's not at all what it was and that's not what it will be the girl knows the truth by Kronos the truth micro even told me some of the truth and the last stage of the summer grew here even answer when I found out that Megan was he going to be there if it's going to be her and Courtney and that's where things get real dangerous and I said just put a problem with it she said no she's going to come home I was going to pick her up I'm in your car we were talking fine all day we're talking about a football player that had for the Longhorns and passed away and they found his death to be an accidental overdose. My girlfriend said that's messed up in the text messages I said yeah kind of like the way your friend does be which was Courtney because of something that happened the night before and okay bruh she thinks that she's not anywhere in it or even working around it but there's enough to happen even distilling of my puppies and even trying to make my puppy sick with the drug that was left behind and even that my camera. And I hadn't even gotten upset with my girlfriend believing that maybe she might have something to do with it but as I went inspected cameras a little bit better and talk to a few people it wasn't my girlfriend and Courtney Smith and the sky Preston that she supposedly was dating had everything to do with it. They are taking the tools which made it hard for me to make money I've been losing customers I've been losing people do to this cuz me and my puppies and dogs all here even cats all in the home of where Elizabeth lives this is her house and her name and she has not been home. She has all of my equipment she brought back only the lawn mower weed eater and blower but yet all of my other tools when a vehicle even close those things are also to be found to be being stolen and sold batteries two other cars are also in the back of her car she was going to come right back home and we were going to take the batteries and have him charged up and she is still not made it home. Someone has contacted me they told me that they have forced her to block me on Oliver Facebook David and taking her phone that way she won't be getting the calls and texts that I have sent. Cedar Park police has been involved but to the extent of feels that maybe I should give them full evidence of everything and let them go. I'll do whatever happened to Sports Clips I can't be held responsible for the reputation there was supposed to be a good one but then decided to hire Courtney Smith there which is ruining the reputation of forceps very quickly is very dangerous person from the very first moment that Cedar Park didn't get involved and nobody came of the officers who did record me Colin and that girl Courtney having my girlfriend's phone telling me that my girl but not know that I'm calling that she has my girl's phone on her and that she's even turn the ringer down she never knew that the police would be right there and I explained to her that the cops were there she hung up on me in the Cedar Park police asked me what's going on I said I have no idea I had but I had Elizabeth Martinez car would be I was driving there to pick her up from work I had her dog and my dog in the car and I was even told to just leave a run or whatever I did have a warrant and I did not do that and I stayed behind dumpsters new. Did the right thing there was something really wrong with this because Elizabeth Marie Martinez even has a situation with her child that we were to talk about that way we can go fight for her child in court. The intentions of this girl Courtney Smith is too messed that up for her and for some reason got in my girl said that she would be healthier out but she's done no such thing the last time I saw my girlfriend who does not do drugs comes home and everything looks different with her can markings all over her body she had Marquis from Needles all over body and I know what has happened because of the recordings and you hear Courtney Smith telling me things to be done to her even here Courtney Smith telling somebody to do it to her and then somebody else telling Courtney Smith and Preston that is wrong for what they're doing to her. My number is 512 679 O2 53 if anybody wants to contact me about this matter please do if there's a manager name Rose please do HR has been trying to contact me I tried contacting them back but for some reason somebody had also loaded a Google number to my phone which allow them to take over all calls and text messages so every day that the police have also tried to call me back to work with me on this matter they have had little success on recently help me so I had to reset my phone last night and I found the number associated with it that I had to disconnect from this phone hopefully I did do it but for the more Shanda from HR what's have her contact me please do and Rose the management over the store if anybody else wants to contact me about that please do I have tried to contact Rose to let her know about this for some reason everybody wants I think everybody's a little bit worried about some extra trouble I've known about some other things that's going on I wasn't looking to throw anybody out there for all the extra stuff that's going on and I'm still not willing to throw everybody out there but those that has made it hard for me I have no problem telling the truth or showing any of the messages about anything else going on up there especially anything else being sold from up there. I think this very serious and I can't believe that I'm even having to deal with it the way that I'm dealing with it. But it's a very serious matter and I hope that this Pleasanton Court because I do look to prosecute some people. Courtney Smith is a stylus up there and the only business and only place that that girl has anywhere to be I believe Behind Bars. Like I said I'm going to say this if there wasn't evidence to back it up and I think Rose should have checked with Cedar Park police a little bit better about how Courtney Smith really did handle it Ashley refused to come up there and how she didn't even lock the doors just happened more than once and I think someone tell me why we're not doing anything about this trolls that's up there setting that place up. A very worried about Elizabeth Marie Martinez and she said that she would figure it out but I can't wait for her to figure it out no more she's tried to get it in me to run with her that we moved back to Houston she even left I'm the only reason why she was back at sports clips for the very reason that I really didn't know what all was happening and I do not know the things that she's been going through or anyting of the things that I should be going through October 27th homicide it'd happen James Paul Junior which one of the customers does go up there and this was his son Courtney Smith is also in connection with this so they've had people stalking my girl and and connections with this hoodie Smith had the guy son over at my house and the guy who's the father talk to my girlfriend at night tonight that his son was murdered and he never knew that mean Elizabeth saw his son over here at our house in front of my house and I told Elizabeth about it we didn't know who it was but I said something didn't seem right he had a guy with something Felix Rodriguez and they both look like they were on me down and I told her come here and get a look at them in case you guys do something or still something you would also know what they look like and little bit later on is when things happen to me I have found out that that girl Courtney Smith was the one doing it to me I have followed her to this hotel we're my girlfriend's card was stolen my girlfriend was here at the house and just use my girlfriend's card at this Austin Motor Inn the father of the boy that was murdered talk to my girl and my girl even tells me I told him to tell me what was the guy's name that killed his son I know a lot of people I'll put the word out and she did she asked him and he told her it was Felix Rodriguez and I told my girl that sounds like the name of the guy who I just talked to outside after the following Courtney Smith to the hotel but I didn't tell her that I follow Courtney yet I was waiting to see Courtney to confront her but they had used her car to my girlfriend even with on the impression that it maybe might have been a gas station or something and I told her I couldn't find her card in the first place and the little boy was missing Felix Rodriguez had explained to me every bit of how this girl Courtney Smith was setting this up and I'll also it wasn't just setting me up but it was also setting this up for my girl to in fatally. I had offered this guy a job to help him out it's a walk away and I prayed with him before he walked away and he did and everything seemed to happen just as I said but I think that the boys also in jail because of what the supposedly customer of sports clips he said going wrong there was an argument and I think that Felix Rodriguez might have been defending us here at my house they got in a fight there and yes he said he got a hold of a gun first end up shooting the other guy who technically was his friend and it was his friend I was also supposed to come over here and his friend who said these lies and said that also recording Smith I also saw strain running away from my house at one point before seeing him and when I talk to him every bit of the truth came out and he felt like he was being set up by his friend and that's when they're going to happen at the hotel said use your card to buy room and Jennifer Rodriguez in the shooting the other guy and before all this happened he did tell me how it would happen he told me exactly how it was happening in my house he even told me about what was happening to me about being knocked out drugged out and something else happening and then that's when they were supposed to come in and shoot me and that my girlfriend will be shot next behind it he said that it was just supposed to scare me but they were going to take it to the next level and that one thing that was supposed to happen was was my girlfriend where the confusing part is butt supposed to text and say that I went to sleep and she was supposed to say someone was supposed to run up to the door and she was supposed to give them 50 bucks for Courtney Smith but what was going to happen was the door was going to be a lot and that's when they were going to come in the house and then kill us I have woken up in that time and I did check the camera and it shows me knocked out and it shows Elizabeth calling my name I don't wake up she's texting she looks at me call my name again and then she sends out a text message that is letting you know that I'm asleep so the $50 that Courtney wants passed out to some stranger she can give the money out now and instead I woke up right after that and that's when I started catching everything that was going on and that guy told me Felix Rodriguez that text Lee actually they were there to kill me he even had a gun on him when I was talking to him about this and when I pulled up the girl the hair stylist girls I pull up Elizabeth Marie Martinez and he said that was not her I pull up Courtney Smith and he said that was her for sure. There's a lot more to this if anybody wants to know my name is Peter Carlos Carrera I'm hiding from nothing I'm not walking away from nothing my number is 512 679 O2 53. Elizabeth was right my life was in danger and somebody was threatening my life and since she's been gone somebody has tried to attack me with a knife the police APD for that I was off of Braker and research at a gas station so the police showed up at that location where somebody tried running up on me with a knife somebody else called the police and this is a very serious thing and I can't imagine how much longer I can keep going cuz I don't have no money now and I have no way of getting around I have no way of feeding the puppies the dogs the cat that is also Elizabeth's responsibilities I'm here in our house and I'm scared and I'm worried about her well-being and I don't even wish to get her in trouble or see her in trouble I only wish that she is safe and I know that she's been forced to say things like she was going to be used by me but that's not true she knows it's not true the less they she's here she's recorded even talking about it's not true but what is true is what happened to me the very night of October 27th where I had been given something in my drink and while I was passed out what happens next and put into my arm is the worst thing ever and I felt like I was having heart attack that night and I woke up being on my chest feeling something all over me and I even asked a question what's happening am I being killed as I see something wrapped around my arm and I see the orange top on the bed the side of my face is swollen and there's blood on my arm and what looks like a puncture mark from what happened and also something on my face from when I got hit. Elizabeth Marie Martinez I love you you don't have to go along with anybody and feel like you have to do things to protect me. These are full of people that are doing this to us your safest place is home and we can move somewhere else away from these people. Round Rock dusting better and I know that Sports Clips I'm pretty sure but not mind you going to a different location to get the hell out of there as I will work that out if not then a lawsuit for negligence and so much more can go into the next play that nobody should have to go through these things. I care about you very much and I'm worried about you. Rose the management over just or the hiring manager I look to hear from you as I've tried to contact you about this before it got out of hand and I have not heard nothing back. But there's more truth to things and I think things are being hidden from you. But I'm going to go above you if I don't hear anything back from you. Some people you just don't push around and some people you don't tell to be quiet and stay silent to things that are very very wrong. And these things that I've had to deal with or extremely wrong and nobody should have to deal with. I was even threatened to stay quiet from sports clips and told that if I didn't stay quiet more things what happened to me and those things did happen. And from all the clock and on schedule the initial harassment happen from Sport Clips nurse shift hours and was even pushed to make an Elizabeth Marie Martinez said things to me that I know she would never say especially making quotes saying she doesn't care about her kids never did it's not like they mattered anyway she barely knows them. That is not something Elizabeth would ever just say. And then on to the next of crazy things to say. But before going to work that if this was a problem and this Courtney Smith when she says one of your problem she's going to see to it you're difficult problem I wonder about bringing the police in on it and human resources and Elizabeth was fine with it and I said are you sure she said yes she knows exactly what it was going to do and I really haven't acted on so fast because I just want to be sure that it's the right thing to do, but I know for a fact absolutely yes life-threatening yes it is absolutely every bit of what needs to be done.

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